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Reconditioning an Eighteenth Century Ship
Retourschip of 1717
by Rob Napier

253 pages, 8 1/2" X 11", hardcover with jacket, 4 color throughout, hundreds of photos and line drawings with 4 fold out plans in a pocket.

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Whether a damaged model is one year old or 300, putting it back together can be a daunting task. Learn how one of the best in the world at reconditioning, Rob Napier, goes about working on the hull and re-rigging a 300 year old model of a Dutch East Indiaman. From research to fitting the last piece of rigging, Robís book covers it all. Four removable sheets of plans are pocketed in the back.

About the author...
The ship modeling world called to Rob Napier when he was a boy. He turned to it for a career when he was 27, and it has occupied him professionally since.  He now focuses on building new models and on maintaining models for individuals and institutions. Rob's original models are created on a groundwork of documentation found in the historical, photographic and artistic records. His work has won awards at national and regional competitions, and he has judged numerous ship modeling events. Rob works closely with curators and conservators of institutional collections to repair and conserve models and to prepare them for exhibition. Rob shares his experiences and views by lecturing and by contributing frequently to publications that feature ship modeling and maritime history; he edited the Nautical Research Journal for five years during the mid 1990's. Rob served as a US Navy journalist during two late-1960's combat cruises to Southeast Asia. He has experience with small boat building and commercial fishing, and he is an avid sailor. Rob lives in Newburyport, Massachusetts, with his wife Sherry Moore.