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The Frigates of the Royal Navy Series
The Naiad Frigate (38) 1797
Volume 1
by Edward Tosti

Oversized 9"x12", hardcover with jacket, 6 sheets of plans in 4 colors in a rear packet, a CD containing individual frame plans, 248 pages, over 400 photos and drawings.

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The frigate NAIAD (38)1797 joins HMS EURYALUS in this SeaWatchBooks series. Authored by Edward Tosti, this is volume one of two parts and it takes the reader/modeler through all of the phases of building a beautiful plank on frame model. Ed’s work represents the next evolution of the “keel up” style of building.

Features include descriptions and photos of Ed’s jigs and building tools and a complete treatise on the use of CAD in drawing plans. Six sheets of those plans are produced in 4 colors and also include a CD that contains all of the frame drawings. They can be reproduced using your computer printer.

The scale for this work is 1:60 which produces a model of 35”. This allows for a smaller work space than 1:48 scale and a savings on wood for the modeler.

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