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Comparisons of 1719, 1745 Establishments, Ship Builders Repository and Steel’s Elements and Practice
by Allan Yedlinsky

14”x8 ½”, semi concealed, lay flat Wiro binding, heavy paper cover, 271 pages, one color

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This specially formatted book (14”x8 ½”) is divided into 2 sections. The first shows all of the scantlings from the 1719, 1745 and 1750 amended figures in an easy to use spread sheet format.

The second section compares Steel and Ship Builders Repository in the same format. Additionally, the author provides notes and comments for each section.
The work is presented in a lay flat binding so that when opened, 28” of information is in front of the reader.

This book is a basic research tool for anyone building or studying18th and early 19th century Royal Navy warships.