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Modeling the Extreme Clipper
Volume 1: Hull Construction
by Edward Tosti

9x12, 267 pages, hard cover with jacket, eight sheets of plans in four colors, CD.

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The Golden Age of the clipper ship produced some of the most beautiful, fast and sturdy sailing ships known to man. People marveled at the majesty of these ships under full sail, being driven to the maximum by their captains.

Ed Tosti, author of the series on the Naiad Frigate, is in the process of modeling one of these ships with exquisite detail in 1:72 scale. His plank-on-frame model is, as an extra bonus, accompanied by instructions on building a 1:96 plank-on-bulkhead model.

Book one will cover building the hull. Book two, which will be published at a latter date, will cover finishing the main deck along with masting and rigging her.

Even if you do not build the model, Eds jigs, tools and techniques are not to be missed.

The package for book one contains a 267 page, 9x12 hard cover book with hundreds of photos, eight sheets of plans in four colors, and a CD with all frame drawings and lots more. This is truly a fantastic effort by one of the master craftsmen of our time.

(Sample images from Young America)