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The Greenwich Hospital Barge of 1832
and methods of building open boats
by David Antscherl

86 pages in full color, case bound with dust jacket, two sheets of plans

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“A guide to building scale model open boats using a Thames barge and a ship’s open boat of examples of the techniques used to produce them. This book covers both lapstrake (clinker) and carvel construction”.

The mysteries of building clinker or carvel planked small craft are revealed by David with his beautiful work on the Barge and other small boats. David shows, in many full color photos, the step by step process of building this beautiful model. Everything is laid out for the modeler including materials, tools, construction details and, of course, two sheets of plans. This is the first book to deal with open boats since a publication in 1975. There is also a tutorial on building small ships boats built with carvel planking. Whether you need to build small boats to go on your frigate or you want to tackle David’s work , this book will be a welcome addition to your library.

(Sample images from The Greenwich Hospital Barge of 1832)