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Summer 2018

Yes, Virginia, there will be a second volume of The Rogers Collection. We have finished creating book II. Grant Walker is reviewing the book for any corrections and we are going through some detailed proofing of the color images to insure color fidelity. Right now, Kentucky windage says the end of October for finished books. Volume II will feature the Third Rates of the Rogers Collection.

We are almost finished with editing David Antscherl and Greg Herbert?s first volume of the ketch rigged sloop Speedwell 1752. This book will build the hull and prepare the ship for rigging. Book two, which is in progress, will finish up any deck furniture and fiddly bits and complete the masting and rigging. We do not have a projected date for book II, We hope to have book I ready for Christmas.

Purpose built Confederate blockade runners have long been of interest to me. None existed before 1860 and very few of them survived the end of the war. They were built in England and Scotland, ferried to the Bahamas and Cuba where cargoes were loaded and run through the Union blockade to Confederate ports. After years of research Vince McCullough finally found enough information to draw up plans for a ship of 1865. His plans and his research findings will be featured in the first half of this new monograph. The second half will feature the building of the model by Gib McArdle. It is too soon to project a completion date but we are aiming for the first quarter of 2019.

We are working on producing a book on building card stock models but the work is early in its creation so all we can do is hint at it. We will keep you informed as we know more.